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Draft Policy Statements
Community Partner Program
North American Joint Purchasing Program
Supporting the Community
Draft Policy Statements NMMA has advocated for increased highway and transit funding to address problems created by lack of resources for improving Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure.
Community Partner Program NMMA member Cities rely on private and not-for-profit Community Partners to strengthen our collective voice and demonstrate to state government and local communities how united we remain in sustaining the North Metro Area as the best place to live, work, be educated and raise a family.
North American Joint Purchasing Program Receive lowest responsible bidder pricing offered via our North American Joint Purchasing Program (NAJPP). Established as a public/private joint purchasing collaborative to pool purchasing power and save money for participating cities, counties and private businesses.
Supporting the Community NMMA was created in 1987 to serve as the champion organization encouraging private and public investments in the northern suburbs and the City of Minneapolis.

Upcoming Events

North Metro Mayors Association (NMMA)

Since 1987, member cities and associate partners have worked together to bring a balance in both public and private investment in the North Metro Area. This collaborative effort has focused on public policy decisions that impact member communities and their constituents. See some of the accomplishments that NMMA has achieved (See 'About Us' above and click on "Accomplishments".)

North American Joint Purchasing Program (NAJPP)

In 2009, NMMA amended its Joint Powers organizational document to permit the establishment of a central purchasing program called the North American Joint Purchasing Program. The primary objective was to achieve the best competitive price in the marketplace on select products and/or services for its members and/or participating community partners. Since its inauguration NAJPP has initiated three public bids for the following products: 1) office supplies, janitorial cleaning supplies and office furniture, and 2) filed marking paint.

NMMA has appointed a management committee comprised of six City managers/Administrators with program oversight and decision making authority. At a recent session the committee identified several additional products or services it will consider adding to the program in the future; e.g., credit card services, engineering, fertilizer, surveying, bulk oil, street sweeping and ice arena products and services.


Member News

North Metro Mayors' Minute

It was an excellent first meeting of 2015 on January 21! Thank you to our host, Ewald Consulting.

Special thanks to our legislators: Rep. Abigail Whelan, Sen. John Hoffman, Rep. Mark Uglem, Rep. Dan Fabian, Sen. Scott Dibble.

Meeting minutes will be in the March 18 packet. In the meantime, here’s a 60-second recap (if you’re a speed reader):


Legislative Updates

Legislative Update, Mar. 2, 2015

Save the Date

We want to remind you that the NMMA Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 18. New Brighton has graciously agreed to host us in their fine city at their community center.


Legislative Update, Feb. 23, 2015

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Activity at the State Capitol is starting to gear up and many of the policy committees are starting to schedule more bills for public hearing as they aim to reach the first committee deadline of March 20, 2015. The finance committees continue to walk through the Governor’s budget proposal and will start shaping their own budgets after the February forecast is released later this month.