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VIDEOS: Transportation
VIDEOS: Introduction to NMMA
Draft Policy Statements
Community Partner Program
VIDEOS: Transportation NMMA has successfully worked to enhance the transportation system for residents of the North Metro area. Kathi Hemken, Mayor of New Hope and President of the North Metro Mayors Association, explains how. Also, the North Metro region is improving the transportation infrastructure in the area to grow communities.
VIDEOS: Introduction to NMMA Founded in 1987, the North Metro Mayors Association champions the issues important to growing communities in the North Metro region of Minnesota. City, state, and community leaders discuss the positive impact NMMA has had on its communities.
Draft Policy Statements NMMA has advocated for increased highway and transit funding to address problems created by lack of resources for improving Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure.
Community Partner Program NMMA member Cities rely on private and not-for-profit Community Partners to strengthen our collective voice and demonstrate to state government and local communities how united we remain in sustaining the North Metro Area as the best place to live, work, be educated and raise a family.

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North Metro Mayors Association (NMMA)

Since 1987, member cities and associate partners have worked together to bring a balance in both public and private investment in the North Metro Area. This collaborative effort has focused on public policy decisions that impact member communities and their constituents. See some of the accomplishments that NMMA has achieved (See 'About Us' above and click on "Accomplishments".)

North American Joint Purchasing Program (NAJPP)

In 2009, NMMA amended its Joint Powers organizational document to permit the establishment of a central purchasing program called the North American Joint Purchasing Program. The primary objective was to achieve the best competitive price in the marketplace on select products and/or services for its members and/or participating community partners. Since its inauguration NAJPP has initiated three public bids for the following products: 1) office supplies, janitorial cleaning supplies and office furniture, and 2) filed marking paint.

NMMA has appointed a management committee comprised of six city managers/administrators with program oversight and decision making authority. At a recent session the committee identified several additional products or services it will consider adding to the program in the future; e.g., credit card services, engineering, fertilizer, surveying, bulk oil, street sweeping and ice arena products and services.


Member News

North Metro Mayors' Minute - February 17, 2017

Save March 15 for the NMMA Day on the Hill.

The NMMA Day on the Hill will be on Wednesday, March 15, so it is time to start scheduling meetings with legislators. Please reserve time on your calendar and your mayor’s calendar for meetings that afternoon with legislators. We will hold the March Board of Directors meeting that evening in the capitol building.

We are asking that everyone attend at least two meetings, one with one of your legislators and one with the legislator of another NMMA member city. We want to have a united presentation with multiple cities giving a focused approach to the North Metro region.

These meetings are brief and can have a great impact on your Senators and Representatives as the legislative session progresses, keeping our issues on the forefront. If you will have any issues with the date of Wednesday, March 15 please let us know ASAP so we can plan the schedule for the day.

Legislative Updates

Legislative Update, February 20, 2017

NMMA Legislative Update – February 20, 2017
Happenings at the Capitol This Week:

Last week was another busy one at the legislature as committees continue to increase the number of bills heard from previous weeks. The number of bills introduced in the House has nearly reached 1400 and the Senate has introduced over 1100 bills. This week will be busy as well as committees begin to feel the pressure of the approach of the first committee deadline of March 10.

House Republican Majority Grows to 77

Residents of House District 32B have been without representation in the House of Representatives since former-Rep. Bob Barrett was declared by the State Supreme Court that he did not fulfill the residency requirements for public office. Last week Republican candidate Anne Neu defeated Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate Laurie Warner by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent. Just over 7,000 people turned out for the special election, which means 25 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots. The Republican majority in the House now grows to 20 members, with a margin of 77 Republicans and 57 Democrats.

Representative-elect Anne Neu is a homemaker, homeschool mother and served on the North Branch Planning Commission.


Legislative Update, February 13, 2017

NMMA Legislative Update – February 13, 2017
Happenings at the Capitol This Week:

The pace at the legislature was very busy last week with committees in both the House and Senate beginning to hold meetings to compile legislation into their major omnibus finance and policy bills.

Capital Investment Bill

“Is there going to be a bonding bill this year?” has been one of the most common questions at the capitol this session, and both the House and the Senate have taken steps to make possible  passage of a capital investment package a reality. Last week the Senate Capital Investment Committee passed SF 210, chief authored by Sen. Dave Senjem (R-Rochester), which contains the same language as the bill being discussed at the end of the 2016 session and many projects benefiting the North Metro. Similarly, the House heard Gov. Mark Dayton’s bonding proposal containing many projects benefitting the North Metro in its Capital Investment committee. HF 892, chief authored by Rep. Dean Urdahl (R-Grove City), but no official action was taken on the bill. The governor’s bill along with projects that were included in last year’s capital investment bill will serve as starting points for any bill brought forward this session.

View the full spreadsheet of projects proposed by Gov. Dayton.